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29 January 2012 @ 10:47 am
Hey guys! I've wanted to make a proper Björk for the longest time, and so after a lot of work and headdesk-ing I present to you, the one and only Björk!

So, Björk is (unfortunately) probably most notable for her eccentric sense of style and often labeled "crazy", but I think her beautiful voice outshines any of the shiny outfits she wears!

Over the course of her career, she's made a multitude of acclaimed albums and soundtracks, and showed her acting talent in Lars Von Triers 'Dancer in the Dark', for which she won the best actress award at the Canne Film Festival in 2000.

Recently, the 46 year old released the worlds first 'app-album' 'Biophilia' which encompassed several elements of nature and paired them with music and visuals, resulting in an innovative and ambitious project.

Now, I love Björk, and naturally I love her sim just as much, so I hope you enjoy having fun with her too!  :) 


Skin by Aikea_Guinea
Eyes by Shady
Everyday Hair by Kiara24
Formal Hair by KittyKlan
Brows by Shyne
Natural Lips by Arisuka
Eyeliner by aarin
Everyday Leggings by RandomNoir 
Formal Dress by Rustynail
Formal Shoes by Meronin 


She's an Adult

I had to name her 'Björk Barney' rather than her actual name 'Björk Guðmundsdóttir' as obviously her actual last name is too long, hehe. 'Barney' is the surname of her partner, Matthew Barney.

She's packaged with Base Game skin and hair. Her hair is black, but here's her ginger 'Biophilia' wig-hair colour:

Main: 195,101,44
Roots: 123,67,19
Highlights: 195,86,44
Tips: 145,101,44

Download Link: Mediafire

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Current Music: Go Long - Joanna Newsom